Who Am I?

Recent life event have caused me to pose the question “Who Am I?” and this has spark a self induced identity crisis.  The really unfortunate thing is that at an early age I learned to avoid having a “concrete” identity because without firm beliefs I was able to mold myself into nearly any situation adapting my values to match.  I do believe that in all of us there is a irreducible core that forms the foundation of who we are.  On top of that core, or foundation, we build our likes and dislikes, our personality, and our identity.  However, we are all in the midst of a personal change because life does not stop and we have to constantly adjust course and alter everything above that foundation. My extreme frustration is that I feel that I have lost my irreducible core, or maybe that I refused to fully allow it to develop, regardless I wish to create an identity that is clearly identifiable and while it is subject to change I want it to be a slow careful deliberate change. This is where you, my friends and family, come in because I believe it is the relationships you make along this journey of life that shape you the most.  Some relationships bring out the best in you, others expose your flaws, and still others give you clear examples of what you don’t want in a friendship.  You are invited here because you have already shaped who I am.  It might have been years ago in High School or just Saturday night in my living room, regardless of distance the fingerprint of your friendship has changed me (for the better – in most cases, might I add) I count you as some of my closest relationships and if there is anyone who I want to know the “real” me it is you.  It is my hope that this becomes a forum of questions (submitted by you) or statements (posed by me) that I can roll around and consider free of the pressure of having my ideals “fit in” with who I’m around and then I can explain for my own benefit and clarity. Please browse the several questions already posed and after some reflection give your answer below in the comments.

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